Sunday, November 18, 2012

Common BATTLE FORMATIONS used for soldiers, troops in fighting: usually found on RTS(Real time strategy) and RTT(Real time tactics) Video games

Battle formations are necessary battlefield strategy and tactics as it can be used to accomplish a certain objective or mission. If a troop just wants a faster advance and movement of troops, then column formation is the best. When attacking, the wedge formation or line formation is the best as it puts every attacker on a definite advantage with respect to his team mates against the enemies. The circle or orb formation is a defensive arrangement of troops as it has defender on all sides against enemies attacking from anywhere.


Listed below are the most common advantages and disadvantages:

1. WEDGE formation (V-shaped arrangement)


- good for charging and breaking in an enemy wall of defense

- effective for attacking enemy lines or blokades

- destructive advantage on the offensive

- wedge formation is ideal for heavy cavalry


- less defended because the main objective is to attack and break through the enemy

- vulnerable when attacked and enveloped from the sides

- less effective once the tip of the wedge is broken down

2. ORB formation (Circle arrangement)


- very defensive against attackers of the invading army

- this is a good formation to adapt when surrounded by enemy forces

- useful when a troop unit is separated from the main army

- a weaker member (archer, etc.) can be defended inside of the circle


- no movement, stationary and focused on defense

- because they are positioned in one place, orb or circle formation poses an easy target for archers (or other missile troops)


3. COLUMN formation


- fast movement, easily advancing on roads and other narrow path ways

- in case of an enemy attack, maneuvering and mobilization of troops is easier


- least effective for fighting when engaged with enemy attackers

- considerable weakness if attacked on the front and the sides

4. LINE formation


- this troop formation is ideal for open field battle ground to engage with the enemy

- it has a good frontal advantage and useful when attacking an enemy target in one direction

- good for attacking a known fixed enemy location

- this formation acts as a shield for the defense of less armed units

- ideal arrangement for heavy infantry in attacking the enemy


- slow movement when path is narrow

- weak when attacked from the rear and the flanks

- forces and troop units are harder to maneuver and mobilize

- weakness of defense when attacked by cavalry

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